5 Charcuterie Board Ideas For Your Next Soirée

This delicious party staple lends instant sophistication to your party.

Charcuterie board
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There's nothing like that masterful "Voila!" moment when a host debuts a party's charcuterie board. With its elegantly scattered strips of cured meats, soft spreads, and savory bites, these party plates can draw guests to it within seconds.

And they seem simple enough, right? Meat, cheese, wine, jam, check! 

Eh, not quite.

A proper charcuterie board takes variety in textures and flavors into consideration: There should be an array of cured meats, from hard cuts to soft spreads, along with accents that combine different sensations, aromas, and flavors, such as soft cheeses or mustards. The beverages should either decidedly complement or contrast the food, while also resetting the palate.

Overhwelmed? Don't be. Fix.com has arranged an easy infographic to help you master the five key elements of a sophisticated charcuterie board: Something pre-sliced, something you slice, something spreadable, accents, and beverages. 

Follow it and wait for the exclamations of "sensationnel!" from your guests. 

h/t: Fix 

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