Ellen DeGeneres Won't Stand For Your Crock-Pot Slander After 'This Is Us' Controversy

“I love crockpots. I grew up with crockpots. It was the only toy I had as a kid.”

ellen defend crockpot

Ellen DeGeneres is here to defend Crock-Pot’s honor after a tragic kitchen fire on ‘This Is Us’ left America stewing in sorrow.

“Ever since Jack died on ‘This Is Us,’ people have been blaming Crock-Pots, “ Ellen said on her show this Thursday. Really, “How dare you.”

She opened the segment by telling audience members she had something important to talk about. “Say it with me,” she instructed. “Crock-Pots.” She feigned surprise at the audience not knowing what to say — “I thought for sure you were on the same page as me” — before getting to the meat of the matter.

“I love Crock-Pots. I grew up with Crock-Pots. It was the only toy I had as a kid,” Ellen jokes. “My Crock-Pot never hurt anyone. His name was Sam, Sam Crock-Pot.”

Ellen claimed that they use Crock-Pots every day on set, and showed DJ Stephen "tWitch" Boss making a big ol’ helping of queso at his DJ stand — using a Crock-Pot.

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Ellen wants everyone to enjoy the kitchen tool as much as her and tWitch, and she revealed that the audience members were all going home with a new Crock-Pot slow cooker and a $250 Amazon gift card.

Cue the audience LOSING THEIR MINDS.

“You’re getting a Crock-Pot! And, you’re getting a Crock-Pot,” Ellen shouted à la Oprah. “Everyone’s getting a Crock-Pot!”

Milo Ventimiglia also visited the show the day before to talk about his character’s death and defend Crock-Pot’s honor. So, no hard feelings there.

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