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How to Bring the Look of ‘Bridgerton’ to Your Home Decor

Are you a Bridgerton or a Featherington?

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Courtesy of Netflix

Over the past few weeks, the participants of the fictional London social season dubbed “the Ton”—as depicted in Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton, from Shonda Rhimeshave taken the world by storm. Despite all of their trials and tribulations, their duels and scandals, one thing became very clear—these characters have style. And behind each family’s meticulously crafted fashion palette lies an equally charming abode. Read on to see how you can bring the look of Bridgerton’s fanciful sets into your own home.

The Bridgertons’ Formal Living Room

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Courtesy of Netflix

The Bridgerton family is known for two things—elegance, and having attractive sons. So it’s no surprise that their family home has the design sensibility to match. Everything about these interiors is calm and collected. Opulent textures in a monochromatic palette are punctuated by subtle patterns and brass detailing.

The Gentlemen’s Club

men's club bridgerton   elle decor
Courtesy of Netflix

If you’re the type of person who likes to brood over your thoughts, or take comfort in darker tones, you may be more suited to the style of the show’s gentlemen’s club. Every bit as masculine as the patriarchal personalities that reside within it, this space is defined by ornate drinking glasses, leather seating, and dark wood furniture.

Daphne’s Bedroom

daphne's bedroom bridgerton   elle decor
Courtesy of Netflix

This room exhibits the same sophistication as Daphne does herself. Although it features a similar monochromatic tone as the rest of her family’s home, Daphne’s room is richer and more reverent. Damask wallpaper and softer textures—think silk and velvet—punctuate her space throughout the series.

The Featheringtons’ Formal Living Room

featheringtons get the look bridgerton   elle decor
Courtesy of Netflix

The Featheringtons always appear to be the odd ones out. When everyone is dressed in a palette of pastels, you can count on this family to arrive in the brightest neons that the 1800s have to offer. As such, their space holds a similar air about it. While continuing the show’s single-color theme, this living room is all about green, with touches of black and brass. (And yes, we’re aware that Gucci did not exist in the show’s universe, but doesn’t that screen just feel like something the sisters would own?)

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